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We break down communication barriers
Now we are helping in Ukrainian crisis

How does it work?

The Comenio web application helps with the integration of Ukrainian children not only in school lessons, but can be used in any communication with a lecturer, teacher, supervisor, trainer or lecturer. Comenio helps to break down the language barrier with its simple functionality. A Ukrainian-speaking person sends a message in Cyrillic and it is translated into English and displayed in the administration of the domestic recipient.

*To connect, the student must enter the three-digit code found at the top of the teacher interface when logging in. This number is marked with a #.  The student enters the number without the #.

Sending arbitrary answers

With the ability to send a custom message via chat, the student can send any notification. The message will be sent in written Cyrillic and will reach the instructor already translated.

The student can also use instant feedback in the form of pre-selected alerts, these alerts are: “I need help”, “I don’t understand the material”, “Please slow down”.

Communication from the teacher/lecturer

The teacher will be able to find out how the students are doing by calling up a simple survey. For example, he can ask if the pupils are doing well. This will help him to find out how the pupils are doing.

Again, the tutor will send a notification in English and the pupil will receive it in Ukrainian. 

Teachers' dashboard

Thanks to the teacher’s administration, the teacher has an overview of the students in the class. He can monitor the messages he receives from students, send them surveys and alerts or evaluate the responses. He can also observe which pupil has disconnected from the application or which has connected. Of course, everything is automatically translated after it is sent. Thanks to the Ukrainian flag next to the name, the teacher will be able to distinguish which pupil has used the app to break down the language barrier.

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